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Exhumed Films presents: TRAILER TRAUMA RETURNS !

Friday, June 10 at 8 PM

International House Philadelphia
3701 Chestnut St, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania 19104

Running time: approximately 200 minutes / 35mm

In 2013, Exhumed Films programmed an event which became a legend: the original TRAILER TRAUMA overwhelmed our audience with hour after hour of pulse-pounding previews, and spawned a successful series of Blu-Ray releases from Garagehouse Pictures. Now, for one night only, it's back for vengeance! TRAILER TRAUMA RETURNS is an insane orgy of sex, violence, and mayhem—on the big screen, of course. You will witness a non-stop assault of the most amazing, ridiculous, horrific, and mind boggling movie trailers of all time, spanning multiple genres: horror, science-fiction, action, crime, exploitation…you name it, we’ve got it! Best of all, these will be all-new* trailers that will appear on future TRAILER TRAUMA Blu-Ray collections--no repeats from previous discs!

Thrill once again to this ecclectic explosion of cinematic sadism! Do you have what it takes to survive? Is your attention span short enough to withstand 3 1/2 hours of film without a single narrative thread? Join us at International House on June 10 to find out!

TRAILER TRAUMA RETURNS: No plot. No intermission. No escape.

* All of the trailers are for vintage films; they are "new" in the sense that they have not been featured on previous Garagehouse Pictures releases.

John Carpenter: Live Retrospective
(Performing themes from his classic films and new compositions)
Sat, Jul 9, 2016 - 8:00PM

Keswick Theatre
291 N Keswick Ave
Glenside, PA 19038
(215) 572-7650


Event Info
Price: $29.50 - $65.00
Door Price: $32.00 - $67.50

John Carpenter has inspired countless musicians since his earliest minimal, synth-based film scores. The themes to his features like Assault on Precinct 13, Halloween, and Escape from New York have remained instantly recognizable since he penned them nearly four decades ago. In February 2015, Sacred Bones released his first solo record of non-soundtrack music, Lost Themes, to overwhelming critical success. The Horror Master proved that not only could he perfectly score his own films — he could also score the movies in your mind.

Exhumed Films presents: MASTERS OF ITALIAN HORROR!

Sunday, July 31 at 12 PM

International House Philadelphia
3701 Chestnut St, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania 19104

It will be a very "Black Sunday" indeed on July 31, when Exhumed Films presents five frightening features from Italy's greatest directors: Argento! Bava! Fulci! Lenzi! Martino! Join us as we celebrate the undisputed maestros of murder and mayhem by screening some of their finest films!

1977 / 35mm / Dir. Dario Argento / 92 min.
A young dancer studying abroad in Germany suspects that her ballet school is actually home to an ancient evil. Argento's masterpiece is both beautiful and horrifying, and has lost none of its impact nearly forty years later.

1975 / 35mm / Dir. Umberto Lenzi / 91 min.
A mysterious red caped killer stalks a group of American tourists and murders them in the most gruesome way possible: by gouging out their eyes! The prolific Lenzi here turns in an exciting, rarely screened giallo which manages to be terrifying while also displaying a satiric sense of humor.

1981 / 35mm / Dir. Lucio Fulci / 92 min.
A psychic who can commune with the dead and control the minds of animals uses a black cat to exact vengeance upon his enemies. While Edgar Allan Poe may have been rolling in his grave, Fulci surprisingly produced a subtle and impressive film that is more gothic and less gory than his other 1980s genre entries.

1972 / 35mm / Dir. Mario Bava / 90 min.
A young man in search of his family history inadvertently resurrects a cursed ancestor who goes on a brutal killing spree. Bava's unparalled stylistic flourishes are evident in one of his most satisfying supernatural shockers.

1973 / 35mm / Dir. Sergio Martino / 92 min.
This infamously violent flick is arguably one of the greatest giallos of all time. A masked murderer stalks a group of college coeds (including the gorgeous Suzy Kendall) and follows them to a secluded house in the country; there, he begins picking off the girls in a most brutal manner. The influence of Martino's work can be clearly seen in later slasher films such as HALLOWEEN and FRIDAY THE 13TH.