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Exhumed Films presents



This Year's 24hr Fest is SOLD OUT.

Exhumed Films and Alamo Drafthouse Yonkers Present: The Guilty Pleasures Marathon, Part II
Saturday, August 22 at 1:00pm - 11:00pm

Alamo Drafthouse NYC Area
2548 Central Park Ave, Yonkers, New York 10710




Exhumed Films is thrilled to return to the Alamo Drafthouse Yonkers to present The Guilty Pleasures Marathon, Part II, an all-day assault of outrageousness. Here are five fan favorites, films that have had our audiences laughing, screaming, and cheering—sometimes all at once—when they played at our past marathons or double feature screenings in Philadelphia. These movies are all low-budget affairs, but because of earnest filmmaking, tongue-in-cheek performances, and sheer audacity, they rise above their limitations and epitomize everything that is joyous about genre cinema.

RADIOACTIVE DREAMS (30th anniversary screening)

1985 / 35mm / Dir. Albert Pyun / 98 min.

After the international success of George Miller’s films MAD MAX and THE ROAD WARRIOR, post-apocalyptic rip-offs were all the rage during the 1980s. Perhaps the oddest—and possibly most successful—of the lot is Albert Pyun’s RADIOACTIVE DREAMS, which populates its predictable post-nuclear wasteland with two unique protagonists. Phillip Hammer and Marlowe Chandler (John Stockwell and Michael Dudikoff) are two teenaged survivors of World War III who have spent their entire lives locked in a fallout shelter with nothing but pulp fiction detective novels to inform their understanding of the world. They venture out into the barren landscape, dressed in 1940s-era zoot suits and spouting hardboiled dialogue, to face a brave new world of cannibals, child gangsters, and mutant rodents. Featuring special effects by genre faves Greg Cannom, Kevin Yaegher, and The Chiodo Brothers, plus the official “Guilty Pleasures” theme song!

1976 / 35mm / Dir. Barry Rosen / 82 min.

GANG WARS/THE DEVIL’S EXPRESS is an insane genre mash-up: a Blaxploitation/Horror/Kung-Fu absurdist masterpiece that could only exist in the exploitation heyday of the 1970s. Warhawk Tanzania (who, incidentally, possesses the greatest name in human existence) plays an American martial artist that inadvertently resurrects an ancient zombie/demon/monster while on a trip to China. The creature follows Tanzania back to New York City, where it wreaks havoc in the subway system. Oh, and to further complicate matters, there’s also a gang war brewing between some of the toughest dudes in town. It’s up to the local police force and Warhawk himself to put a stop to both the gang violence and the demonic creature stalking the subways. But can they do it before the city explodes? A lost gem that truly must be seen to be believed--keep an eye out for NYC performance artist/frequent Letterman guest/weirdo icon Brother Theodore as a crazy clergyman.


1977 / 35mm / Dir. John Clayton / 85 min.

"Baby, you can take a lot of lovin', but I can only get killed once." That sort of brilliant philosophy gives you a sense of what you are in for with REDNECK MILLER, a sublime example of southern regional cinema at its finest. Geoffrey Land plays the titular character: a hard drinkin’, hard lovin' country boy disc jockey who locks horns with local drug dealer Supermac and his gang of ne'er-do-wells after a case of mistaken identity and missing motorcycles. Never released on home video in any format--don't miss this rare opportunity to witness Hicksploitation history.


1987 / 35mm / Dir. John Grissmer / 84 min.

Remember THE PARENT TRAP? The adorable Disney film about precocious identical twins who switch identities in order to fool their parents? Well, imagine if one of the kids was a psychotic serial killer who attacked some promiscuous teens and then blamed the murders on the saner sibling: that’s essentially the plot of BLOOD RAGE (aka NIGHTMARE AT SHADOW WOODS). Filmed in 1983 but not released until several years later, BLOOD RAGE tells the twisted tale of twins Todd and Terry—one good, one bad; one sensitive, one insane—and their long-suffering mother (“Mary Hartman” star Louise Lasser, who seems to have agreed to appear in this low-budget affair provided she could film all of her scenes from the comfort of her kitchen table). Years after the horrible double murder that resulted in the mistaken institutionalizing of innocent Todd, the homicidal Terry lashes out in a new bout of murderous rage. Little does he realize, though, the recently escaped Todd is on the way back to his childhood home in an attempt to stop his brutal brother and clear his name. Filled with gory set pieces and an unforgettable conclusion, BLOOD RAGE is an enjoyable slasher well worth re-discovering.


1984 / 35mm / Dir. Paul Kyriazi / 85 min.

Definitely one of the rarest films of the event: never available online, on DVD, or VHS, and—to our knowledge—never released theatrically in the United States, NINJA BUSTERS is a wacky kung-fu comedy and a quintessential example of outsider art. Written by and starring a group of real life martial arts instructors who dreamed of being movie stars, NINJA BUSTERS tells the tale of two sad-sack goofballs (Eric Lee and Sid Campbell) who join a dojo in order to pick up girls and maybe learn a little self-defense in the process. After three years (!) of training, the duo runs afoul of a gang of weapons dealers and their army of trained ninja assassins. It’s up to our heroes and their kung-fu comrades to quit being cowards and to become NINJA BUSTERS! This previously lost movie (little to no information is available on IMDb) was forgotten and buried amidst hundreds of titles in an old film depot until unearthed by one of the members of Exhumed Films. It brought down the house at our recent eX-Fest marathon in Philadelphia, and now we’re spreading the gospel of NINJA BUSTERS by bringing it to the Alamo Yonkers! Fans of films like MIAMI CONNECTION and L.A. STREETFIGHTERS will not want to miss this one!


CAMP BLOOD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Air out your tents and pack your sleeping bags for the biggest outdoor horror movie event of the year! On August 28th & 29th, Exhumed Films and the Mahoning Drive-In Theater present "Camp Blood"! Haul out your camping gear and join us as Jason Voorhees and his deranged brethren stalk-and-slash their way across the giant Mahoning theater screen in six killer camping horror classics! We'll also have vintage horror movie trailers, drive-in shorts and other surprises to be announced! This will be a show you will NOT want to miss!

Tickets are just $10 each night! Camping is available on the drive-in theater lot for an additional $10.

Friday, Aug. 28th:
FRIDAY THE 13TH (1980)- The original, fully uncut version of Sean S. Cunningham's wildly popular camp-counselors-killed-by-mysterious-killer thriller!

FRIDAY THE 13TH PART 2 (1981)- Camp Crystal Lake is closed down, but the nightmare begins all over again, as a new stalker with a penchant for creative kills haunts a nearby camp!

FRIDAY THE 13TH: THE FINAL CHAPTER (1984)- An apparently dead Jason Voorhees revives at the local morgue and murders his way back to Camp Crystal lake to continue his reign of terror!

Saturday, Aug. 29th:
SLEEPAWAY CAMP (1983)- A series of unfortunate "accidents" begin happening at a summer camp shortly after the arrival of Angela and her cousin in Robert Hiltzik's unforgettable shocker!

MADMAN (1982)- Local legends involving axe-wielding madmen should not be trifled with around the campfire, especially when those "legends" are real!

RITUALS [aka. THE CREEPER] (1977)- Five doctors on a camping trip into the wilderness are hunted by an unseen backwoods maniac in this Canadian horror gem!

Camping is available for an additional $10 each night!

Mahoning Drive-In Theatre
635 Seneca Rd.
Lehighton, PA 18235

For more information:



Exhumed Films and International House Philadelphia Present: The Best of Asian Action!

Friday, September 4 – Doors at 7:30 PM, show at 8:00 PM

TIckets: $15 general admission/$10 IHP members


Exhumed Films ends summer with a bang with a double feature of amazing Hong Kong action films!


Dir. John Woo / Hong Kong / 1989 / 35mm / 111 min.

Perhaps the most iconic of Hong Kong’s “New Wave” of action movies that rose in popularity during the late 1980s, THE KILLER was an international sensation that set both director John Woo and leading man Chow Yun-Fat along the road to superstardom. Full of the pyrotechnics, stylish camera work and hyper-choreographed gunplay that became Woo’s trademark, THE KILLER is also an artistic and intelligent deconstruction of the traditional gangster stereotype. Chow Yun-Fat stars as Ah Jong, a hitman with a conscience—when an innocent bystander is accidentally blinded during a shootout, the repentant assassin decides to give up his criminal lifestyle and make amends to the injured young woman. But after his “one last job” spirals out of control, Ah Jong must face off against the entire mob—with only his greatest adversary by his side!



Dir. Lo Lieh / Hong Kong / 1980 / 35mm / 95 min.

This fantastic Shaw Brothers martial arts favorite reunites two of the greatest stars of 1970s Kung Fu filmdom, Gordon Liu (36TH CHAMBER OF SHAOLIN) and Lo Lieh (FIVE FINGERS OF DEATH).  Lo Lieh directs and stars in this sequel to EXECUTIONERS OF SHAOLIN as the brother of Pai Mei, the legendary priest of the White Lotus clan (also played by Lo Lieh in the previous film). The new character, “White Eyebrows,” is seeking vengeance against his brother’s killers, which brings him face-to-face with the talented Shaolin monk Hung Wen Ting (Gordon Liu). Which warrior will reign supreme in this ultimate battle of master killers? Fun fact: Quentin Tarantino resurrected the Pai Mei/White Eyebrows character for his film KILL BILL: VOLUME II, and cast original Pai Mei opponent Gordon Liu in the role!