Doors open at 11am on Saturday, show starts at 12pm. Tickets: $30

The 2011 Exhumed Films 24hr Fest is now sold out. There will be no more tickets available on line or at the door.


To celebrate the joyous Halloween season, Exhumed Films proudly presents the fifth annual 24 Hour Horror-thon: a full 24 hour marathon of nonstop horror mayhem! We'll start at noon on Saturday and go straight through until noon on Sunday. As always, the lineup of films is being kept secret--people who come to the show will only find out what the features are as they unspool onto the screen. The show will be a combination of some of the biggest horror titles of the last 30 years or so mixed with some really rare gems. Plus we'll run tons of classic trailers, shorts, and other oddities. Can you stay awake for the entire 24 hours? Who will survive, and what will be left of them? Be here on October 29th to find out

Doors open at 11am on Saturday, show starts at 12pm. Tickets: $30


Advance tickets come in two types: Standard tickets, which are $30, and VIP tickets, which are $40. NOTE: PLEASE CAREFULLY READ THE DESCRIPTION OF THE DIFFERENT TICKETS IN THE FAQ BELOW TO BE SURE YOU UNDERSTAND WHAT YOU ARE PURCHASING!
Tickets may be purchased using a major credit card or your PayPal account. All advance tickets—both Standard and VIP--are "Will Call" tickets.. Paper tickets will not be mailed, but you should receive a confirmation e-mail from Exhumed Films verifying your ticket purchase. Advance tickets are non-transferable--the tickets must be picked up during the day of the show by the individual who purchased them. Please bring a photo ID or credit card on the day of the show in order to confirm your identity and verify your purchase. There is no limit to the number of advance tickets you may purchase, but please note that Exhumed Films cannot refund any money once your transaction has been completed.

THE ALL NEW UPDATED FOR 2011 Exhumed Films 24 Hour Horror-thon FAQ!

Q: So I’m new to the whole “Exhumed Films” thing…what’s this 24 hour marathon all about?
A: Exhumed Films is now in its 14th season of screening classic cult and horror movies on the big screen. For the last few years, we have been running a very successful 24 hour marathon of non-stop horror films to celebrate the glorious Halloween season. This is our fifth year hosting the Horror-thon.

Q: Where is the show taking place?
A: Once again, the Horror-thon will take place at the International House Philadelphia, 3701 Chestnut Street, Philadelphia.

Q: How much are tickets to the Horror-thon?
A: Tickets are $30 for Standard Tickets, and $40 for VIP Tickets

Q: When and how can I purchase tickets for the Horror-thon?
A: Advance tickets are now on sale through the link above

If any tickets remain after the advance sale has taken place, those tickets can also be purchased at the International House beginning one hour before showtime . Last year’s show was a sell-out event, so you should definitely buy tickets in advance in order to guarantee that you’ll get in! PLEASE NOTE: IF WE SELL OUT IN ADVANCE WE WILL NOT HAVE ANY TICKETS AVAILABLE AT THE DOOR! WE SUGGEST YOU BUY IN ADVANCE TO AVOID BEING SHUT OUT!

Q: What is the difference between the Standard and the VIP Ticket?
A: Standard Tickets are the same as we’ve sold every other year: it is a general admission ticket, and seating is first come, first served. If you purchase a Standard Ticket, we recommend that you arrive at the theater early on Saturday in order to secure the best possible seat. VIP Ticket holders will have reserved seating in the middle center rows of the theater. These seats will be reserved with a sign bearing the ticket holder’s name. Therefore, the VIP Ticket holder can essentially arrive at any time during the course of the show and know that his seat will be waiting for him.

Q: If I buy a VIP Ticket, do I get to choose my exact seat?
A: No! VIP Ticket Holders are guaranteed a reserved seat in the middle center rows, and we can guarantee that you and any of your friends who purchase VIP Tickets with you AT THE SAME TIME will be seated together. However, we CANNOT tell you in advance where you will be sitting, nor can you request a particular row or seat. All that your VIP Ticket does is ensure that you will have a reserved seat in a prime part of the theater; we will work out a seating chart for all VIP Ticket holders. If you do not like the idea of not being able to personally select your own seat, I’d suggest you stick with the Standard Ticket and get to the theater early.

Q: How many VIP Tickets will be for sale?
A: We are only selling about 50 VIP Tickets, so if you are interested in one, purchase it ASAP! We will be selling about 300 Standard Tickets, for a total of 350 audience members.

Q: What if I buy a VIP Ticket for myself, and my friend buys a VIP Ticket for himself separately; can you seat us together?
A: We will try to accommodate such requests, but cannot guarantee it. If possible, try to order VIP Tickets together, as that will make it easier for us to coordinate seating. We can guarantee that VIP Tickets purchased together at the same time will be seated together.

Q: Last year tickets to the Horror-thon were $26; they’ve obviously gone up in price. What gives?
A: I can assure you that we at Exhumed always try to keep the costs for our events reasonable for our audience. We come from the DIY mentality that the audience should be given the most entertainment for a fair amount of money. But the reality is that our costs have gone up every year, and the expenditure involved in paying for a venue for 24 hours, a projectionist for 24 hours, and over a dozen film rental/shipping fees makes this a very costly undertaking. We are sensitive to the price of tickets and our audience’s budget, but in an era when seeing a single movie in the theaters may cost as much as $15 or more, we still believe that the 24 hour Horror-thon is a great bargain.

Q: Okay, enough about ticket prices: what exactly happens at the Horror-thon?
A: The show starts at 12pm noon on Saturday, October 29th. We will then run 24 non-stop hours of horror and cult movies, shorts and trailers. All movies, trailers, and shorts are projected on 16mm or 35 mm film. Literally, the projector does not stop running at any point during the marathon (unless, of course, it dies of exhaustion). In all, we will be screening approximately 14 feature films, plus dozens of shorts/trailers.

Q: What kind of movies can I expect to see this year?
A: Each year we try to find a nice balance of the horror spectrum. You can expect to see some combination of: slashers, giant monsters, zombies, Italian horror, old school gothic horror, animals gone wild, crazy gore/splatter films, etc. In the past we have thrown in the random sci-fi or exploitation film, but this year we are planning to show 100% horror/monster movies. We are also planning a greater emphasis on films we’ve never shown before, & perhaps films that are a bit more obscure. Of course, we’ll still have a few fan favorites to appease the masses! Our primary rule in selecting the films for the lineup is that we want them to be fun for the audience—nothing too grim or depressing.

Q: What if I plan to come late or only stay for a few movies—can I get in at a reduced rate?
A: Sorry, but tickets are still $30 whether you plan on staying for the entire 24 hours or just a few hours.

Q: Can I watch a few films, leave, then come back later?
A: Yes. All audience members will receive a wristband and also a hand stamp to verify that you have paid--just be sure to keep your wristband and your stamp visible so that if you go out for a while and come back later, you'll have proof that you have already paid & will be allowed re-entry to the theater.

Q: What if I wash my hands and accidentally wash off the hand stamp?
A: Don't wash the top of your hand. Or just ask for a re-stamp.

Q: This all sounds pretty cool, and I’m considering purchasing tickets for your event. Will you please tell me specifically what movies you are showing so I can decide whether or not I want to attend?
A: No.

Q: Great, then if you’ll….wait, what?!? Why won’t you tell me what movies you are screening?!?
A: Because it’s a secret.

Q: Why do you keep the titles a secret?
A: We want the movies to be a surprise. The audience will not know what they are about to watch until the film unspools onto the screen. It’s more fun that way.

Q: Don’t people get really annoyed by not knowing what films are playing?
A: Actually, I think most people enjoy the element of surprise. It is always fun to watch audience members try to guess what films will be coming up next.

Q: Do you give any sorts of clues as to what the films are?
A: Each year, we distribute a program at the Horror-thon which gives basic information about the starting/ending times of the films, as well as the genre you could expect. For example, the first film one year started at 12:15 pm and was listed in the program as “Slasher Classic.” We’ll create a similar program this year so that you will have an idea when the films will start and finish and can have fun guessing what the film might be.

Q: Do you have a list of the movies you showed in previous years?
A: Exhumed Films does not maintain a list on its site. But if you Google around the net, you can probably find a few blogs where some folks listed the movies we have run.

Q: Will you be doing any encore presentations of films you showed during previous Horror-thons?
A: As of right now, no films will be repeated from the previous marathons. In fact, the goal for the moment is to show 14 films that we have never screened before, period!

Q: I looked at the list of films you showed last year, and there are some movies that I think were poor choices. You’re not going to show films like that again, are you?
A: Look, here’s the thing: we will never please everybody. No matter what we do, we’ll always get criticism from one side or the other. Every year, we have audience members approach us and say “Why didn’t you show any Fulci films this year?” or “I hate these popular mainstream movies…show more obscure films!” or “I hate these obscure films…show more popular movies!” One of the dangers of not telling people the film titles in advance is that some folks build imaginary playlists in their heads of what they would most want to see, and if the actual films don’t match the films they’re hoping for, they feel let down. But overall, I think most people are usually satisfied with the majority of our film selections. Remember that we try our best to design a program that will appeal to a variety of different people: the zombie lovers, the gorehounds, the slasher fans, the classic monster fans, the Eurohorror aficionados, etc.
Hopefully, we can give everybody something they will really enjoy.

Q: Are you selling food at this show?
A: The cafe at the International House is sometimes open and serves tea/coffee, bagels, sandwiches and more. They are not affiliated with us. Down the street is a 24-hour WaWa. Also vegetarian/vegan foods will be available from Grindcore House at the show. There are also a number of nearby restaurants if you want to sneak out for lunch, dinner, etc. You are welcome to bring outside snack food (chips, popcorn, etc.) into the theatre provided you do not make a mess and you clean up after yourself. Due to the nice, clean, comfy new seats, you CANNOT bring in dinner foods, i.e., cheese steaks, pizza, scrapple, etc. Please eat all meals at a restaurant or in the I-House lobby (which has tables and chairs for your use) in order to keep the theatre clean.

Q: Will there be other stuff to buy?
A: As always, Diabolik DVD will have a table of cult, horror, obscure films for sale throughout much of the show. We will also Exhumed Films t-shirts for sale in the lobby.

Q: Besides money for tickets and DVDs and t-shirts and food, what else should I bring to the show?
A: If you're in for the long haul, a pillow and blanket might make for a cozier viewing experience at 3am. Also plan on bringing money to fill the parking meter periodically if you drive to the show—you will definitely get ticketed or towed if you park illegally or do not feed the meters. Perhaps some caffeine pills or Red Bull would come in handy. And Tylenol. Oh, and we’ve learned from previous years that bringing some deodorant with you (and also bathing prior to the show!) will help prevent the theater from getting too “ripe.”

Q: This show sounds like a cool idea. Is there anything I can do to help with the marathon?

A: Tell your friends. Most of the people who discover Exhumed Films do so via word of mouth. This is obviously a very expensive undertaking for us, so the more people who attend, the greater the likelihood of our breaking even! You might also consider passing out some fliers in your area to help spread the word!