Exhumed Films eX-Fest
SATURDAY, MAY 7th 11am to 11pm

Doors open at 9:45am on Saturday, show starts at 11am. Tickets: $20



Tickets may be purchased using a major credit card or your PayPal account. All advance tickets are "Will Call" tickets. Paper tickets will not be mailed, but you should receive a confirmation e-mail from Exhumed Films verifying your ticket purchase. Advance tickets are non-transferable--the tickets must be picked up during the day of the show by the individual who purchased them. Please bring a photo ID or credit card on the day of the show in order to confirm your identity and verify your purchase. There is no limit to the number of advance tickets you may purchase, but please note that Exhumed Films cannot refund any money once your transaction has been completed.


SATURDAY, MAY 7th 11am to 11pm

Exhumed Films Presents: eX-Fest 2011!  The Official FAQ

Q: So what’s the deal with Exhumed Films, anyway?  Who are you guys?
A: Exhumed Films is an independent cinema co-operative dedicated to presenting 16mm and 35mm theatrical screenings of classic cult and horror movies.  We are entering our 14th year of presenting shows in the Philadelphia & South Jersey area.

Q: What is eX-Fest all about?
A: eX-Fest is a chance for Exhumed Films to depart from our usual programming, but still give our audience members a crazy cinematic experience!  Exhumed usually screens primarily horror films, especially during our annual 24 Hour Horror-thon in October.  However, our tastes obviously run well past the horror genre, so eX-Fest will provide us with an opportunity to showcase examples of other cult/grindhouse type films which fall outside of the typical Exhumed repertoire.  

Q: Where and when is the show taking place?
A: The eX-Fest will take place at the International House Philadelphia, 3701 Chestnut Street, Philadelphia.  The date is Saturday, May 7, from 11am to 11pm.

Q: How much are tickets to eX-Fest?
A: Tickets to eX-Fest are $20 per person, and can be purchased from our website.

Q: How does it all work?  What exactly happens at eX-Fest?
A: The show starts at 11am on Saturday, May 7.  We will then run 12 non-stop hours of horror and cult movies, shorts and trailers.  All movies, trailers, and shorts are projected on 16mm or 35 mm film.  Literally, the projector does not stop running at any point during the marathon (unless, of course, it dies of exhaustion).  In all, we will be screening approximately 7 feature films, plus a number of shorts/trailers.

Q: What kind of movies can I expect to see at the show?
A: The idea is to show obscure examples of 7 different genres of film generally falling under the umbrella of "exploitation". Since we often only get to screen horror films thanks to a tight schedule of available dates, this is our chance to show you some really weird ass shit. Possible genres include but are not limited to: science-fiction, women-in-prison, western, war, cult comedy, giant monster, Euro crime, kung fu, biker, blaxploitation, sexploitation, and so on.

Q: When and how can I purchase tickets for the Horror-thon?
A: Advance tickets are now on sale through the link above.  Judging from the popularity of our Horror-thon, it is almost guaranteed that this show will sell out quickly.  Do not be left out of the fun!  PLEASE NOTE: IF WE SELL OUT IN ADVANCE WE WILL NOT HAVE ANY TICKETS AVAILABLE AT THE DOOR!  WE SUGGEST YOU BUY YOUR TICKETS ASAP TO AVOID BEING SHUT OUT!

Q: What if I plan to come late or only stay for a few movies—can I get in at a reduced rate?
A: Sorry, but tickets are still $20 whether you plan on staying for the entire 12 hours or just a few hours.

Q: Can I watch a few films, leave, then come back later?
A: Yes. All audience members will receive a wristband and also a hand stamp to verify that you have paid your $20. Just be sure to keep your wristband and your stamp visible so that if you go out for a while and come back later, you'll have proof that you have already paid & will be allowed re-entry to the theater.

Q: What if I wash my hands and accidentally wash off the hand stamp?
A: Don't wash the top of your hand.

Q: I know that for the Horror-thon, Exhumed does not reveal the titles of the films you are screening.  Does the same apply here?
A: Yes, the same rules apply: we will not reveal the titles of the films we’ll be screening.

Q: How about a book of hints like we receive at the Horror-thon?  Will you give any sorts of clues as to what the films are?
A: No, not this time.  No hints!

Q: Will you at least let us know what genres we can expect?
A: Maybe.  That has yet to be decided.  We’ll keep you posted.

Q: Will you be doing any encore presentations of films you showed during previous Exhumed screenings?
A: No.  All seven films will definitely be movies we have never shown before.

Q: Are you selling food at this show?
A: The cafe at the International House is sometimes open and serves tea/coffee, bagels, sandwiches and more. They are not affiliated with us. Down the street is a 24-hour Wawa.  Also, catering will be provided by Grindcore House at the show. There are a number of nearby restaurants if you want to sneak out for lunch, dinner, etc.  You are welcome to bring outside snack food (chips, popcorn, etc.) into the theatre provided you do not make a mess and you clean up after yourself. Due to the nice, clean, comfy new seats, you CANNOT bring in dinner foods, i.e., cheese steaks, pizza, scrapple, etc.  Please eat all meals at a restaurant or in the I-House lobby (which has tables and chairs for your use) in order to keep the theatre clean.

Q: Will there be other stuff to buy?
A: As always, Diabolik DVD will have a table of cult, horror, & obscure films for sale throughout much of the show. We will also Exhumed Films t-shirts for sale and event posters designed by Justin Miller.

Q: What’s the deal with parking?
A:  Discount parking for International House patrons is now available at the Science Center Parking Garage, 3665 Market Street. A special rate of $5.00 per vehicle, effective after 4:00pm until 7:00am, Monday through Friday plus all day Saturday & Sunday. Please bring your parking stub to the International House Box Office to be stamped when attending events.

Q: This show sounds like a cool idea. Is there anything I can do to help with the marathon?
A: Tell your friends. Most of the people who discover Exhumed Films do so via word of mouth. This is obviously a very expensive undertaking for us, so the more people who the greater the likelihood of our breaking even! You might also consider passing out some fliers in your area to help spread the word!